Dixit Odyssey - Board Game

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With Dixit Odyssey, you follow the adventure to new, dreamlike and exciting worlds. The principle remains the same: fathom the secret of the images, estimate your fellow players well and let your imagination run wild. Dixit is a game where it's all about the fairy-tale cards. The game contains few rules, making it easy to learn and suitable for children from the age of 8.

The players take turns as the 'storyteller' and choose one of the mysterious cards from their hand. The narrator gives a hint about his card in the form of a word, phrase, gesture or sound. Everything is allowed. The other players choose a card from their hand that matches the description. Which card belongs to the storyteller? Which card corresponds to the original description?

Try to empathize with your fellow players, how do they interpret the image? Try to discover the story-teller's card, don't be fooled by the other players' cards, but make sure they vote for your card. This way you can become the winner of Dixit!

Recommended age: 8 years or older
Number of players: 3 to 12 players
Game duration: 30 minutes
Kind of game:
Material: Party Board Game
Dimensions: 27,8 x 27,7 x 5,8 cm
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