Denver SCK-5400 - Kids Scooter - Electric - Blue - Max 6 km/h

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Denver Electric Scooter Blue

With this Denver SCK-5400 electric scooter you will have maximum outdoor fun! It is not only cool, but thanks to the LED lights you will also stand out!

User friendly

The scooter has an 80W motor and reaches a maximum speed of 6 kilometres per hour. It can take weights up to 50kg and is designed for children. The front tyre is 4.5" inches and the rear tyre 3.5" inches. The material of aluminium and ABS plastic makes this electric scooter light and easy to operate.


The LED lighting of the scooter is located on the side of the scooter and at the front. The lighting makes you the bright centre of any playground. The battery will last for 1,5 to 2 hours and you can ride approximately 5 to 6 kilometres. This does depend on the weight of the user and the terrain.


Safety is always a priority and the use of safety equipment such as a hood and shield is recommended when using this product. The scooter is height adjustable so it will grow with your child. There is a speed limiter on the scooter which is easy to operate, once the scooter is underway the button on the footplate can be pressed and the scooter will maintain the speed up to a maximum of 6km/h.

Dimensions: 34x70x86 cm
Maximum speed: 6 km/u
Weight: 6,1 kg
Colour: Light blue
Maximum load capacity: 50 kg
Material: Plastic
Charger time: 2 hours
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