Denver HBO-6620 Black plus KAR-1550 - 6.5 inch hoverboard oxboard met hoverkart - Zwart

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The DENVER HOVER SEAT KAR-1550 in combination with the Denver HBO-6620 is a great combo and makes a super fun kart!

This Denver HBO-6620 Oxboard Hoverboard is very easy to use. The balance system ensures that you are always stable. Moreover, it is possible to turn 360° at the place without moving forward or backward.

The Denver HBO-6620 achieves a maximum speed of 14 KM per hour and this Hoverboard also has an ABS casing with aluminium rims.
When you reach a speed of 12 KM/H you will hear a warning signal.

The Denver HBO-6620 has an automatic balance function as soon as you turn on the Hoverboard!


Package Contents:
- Denver HBO-6620 Hoverboard
- Battery Charger
- Manual
- Denver Hover Seat
- Manual
- Frame
- 2x footrest
- Front wheel
- Setting button
- 2x handle
- Kart chair

Dimensions: 59 x 41 x 17 cm
Colour: Black
Weight: 10KG
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