Denver SEL-65230 - Electric Scooter - With LED Lights - Max 20 km/h - White

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Denver Electric Step White

The Denver SEL-65230F is the successor of the previous version of this scooter the SEL-65220F. With this electric scooter you will move fast from A to B with a top speed of 20 km/h. The scooter has a total of 3 gears and before you know it you are at the destination.

Easy to use
The robust aluminium frame and 300W motor make this scooter ideal. The compact size and light weight of only 10kg means you can fold it up and take it everywhere with you. The multifunctional display gives you all the important information such as speed, distance, battery and gear.

The wheels are made of robust and durable rubber. So whether you are riding on the pavement or on the road, this scooter will do the job. The scooter also has good suspension and you stand firmly on the anti-slip mat. The scooter supports persons up to 100 kg.

A fully charged battery will last up to 12km. The battery is easy to charge with the supplied charger and fully charged in up to 3 hours.

Safe on the road
The scooter is equipped with all the necessary precautions. It has a foot brake and also a hand brake. There is a bell on the handlebar to signal a pedestrian or cyclist that you are coming. With the front and rear lights and reflectors on the front, sides and back, you are also clearly visible in the dark.


Material: Aluminium
Dimensions: 98x47,5 cm
Colour: White
Weight: 13 kg
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