Denver - Digital Photo Frame - Touchscreen - 16GB - Black

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Digital Photo Frame Black

Wherever you are in the world, this photo frame and its digital app lets you send photos to your parents', grandparents' or friends' frames whenever you want.

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This photo frame has a 7 inch full glass IPS touchscreen with a screen resolution of 1280 x 800. The glass screen makes the photos even sharper and clearer! Through the touchscreen you can easily change the settings of the photo frame, such as the rotation time and the sleep mode at night. You can also set whether the photos should be displayed in landscape or portrait mode.


With 16GB of storage memory, you can store a lot of photos or videos. These will then be played back one after the other. With the MicroSD card input, you can make a backup quickly and easily! With the clear menu, it is easy to connect to WiFi and set it up according to your own preferences.

Frameo is the app to connect your smartphone, laptop or tablet to the digital photo frame. By means of a code issued by the frame, various mobile devices can be connected to the frame through the app. In this way, entire families or groups of friends can send photos to that one photo frame. An interactive way of sharing photos, without having to post them directly to the worldwide web.

Important: Photos are only sent through the app and are not stored by Frameo. The photos are only stored on the respective phone and frame.


Material: Plastic & Glass
Dimensions: 19,9x13,1x2,8 cm
Colour: Black
Weight: 800g
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