Cleverdog Versie 2.0 - Security Camera - Cam 120° - 960P HD - Grijs - Met nachtzicht - Wifi - Beveiligingscamera

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It goes without saying that you would like to secure your house, garden or business premises properly. With this security camera this becomes very easy.
The model is equipped with night vision via infrared. The night vision is no less than 10 metres, so you can easily follow a wide area, even when it is already dark.

In addition, there are motion sensors that easily detect any movement.

Keep an eye at a distance to see if everything is still completely safe at the location where you have attached the IP camera. The IP camera can not only be used as a surveillance camera, but can also be used as a babysitter. In this way you can see exactly whether your child is still asleep when you are working elsewhere in the house. Via the handy microphone you can also talk to your little one, for example to reassure him when he starts crying.

The security camera with night vision can easily be placed anywhere, because you don't have to take inconvenient connections into account. You can use the IP camera in all kinds of ways and easily connect it to the mains via a USB cable.

Dimensions: 4.5 x 4 x 13 cm
Colour: White & Grey
Material: Plastic
Infrared sensor: Yes
Resolution: 1280 x 960 pixels
External memory slot: Micro SD
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