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Sleep is essential for baby's development, which regulates its sleep rhythm during its first months of life. Experts recommend that baby sleep in his own place, never in the parents' bed as this would be too dangerous.

Moreover, during the first few months of life, the cradle is better than the park because the limited space gives him a feeling of security and protection. It is also advisable to place the cradle in the parents' room, as close to their bed as possible. Baby feels protected when he is close to his parents, who can also sleep more peacefully and feed him at night and put him back to sleep without waking him up.

The advantages of sleeping side by side:

  • Baby gets into his day-night rhythm faster.
  • Mummy can breastfeed more easily.
  • Parents sleep more peacefully and baby feels safe.
  • The bond between child and parents is strengthened and baby develops self-confidence more easily, making it easy for him to open up to others.
Dimensions: 68 x 83 x 92 cm
Weight: 11,5 kg
Material: Aluminium
Colour: Silver
Type of Cradle: Co-sleeper
On wheels: Yes
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