Monopoly is one of the best known and best-selling board games in the world. The game has been published in 47 languages since its inception in 1935 and is sold in 114 countries. At Parya we do not only try to sell the most known editions but we also offer special editions. These editions are known as Limited Edition editions and are often more difficult to obtain.

Monopoly in brief

Each player receives a certain starting amount and the aim is to keep increasing this amount. You walk around the board and on the way you can buy all kinds of real estate. When other players pass by the real estate you have already visited, they have to pay money. The aim of the game is to have the most money left at the end (when all buildings have been sold and everyone has been round again). Be careful not to end up in prison and don't forget to collect your starting bonus when you cross the start/finish line.