Housevitamin is created by love partners Thomas and Mischa. They love to create interior design items that you, the consumer, can only enjoy.

It's not just any brand: it's all about designer black and white living, with a golden sparkle here and there and designs that are original and sometimes a little edgy.
Housvitamin started the label because they wanted to make hip products and happening interior items more accessible and affordable for everyone!

Design used to be very expensive and not easy to style with your other furniture. The brand Housevitamin changed that and showed everyone that hip and modern designs can be affordable, fun and very easy to mix and match.
Each item has a passion, a story and a lot of creativity from the maker. Usually they are developed from a personal need from the team within Housevitamin. You can read all about it in the product descriptions. Also, when you buy these items at Parya, you can read the Housevitamin Story: these stories always put a smile on people's faces, so don't delete them too early. 

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