Five Simply Smart

Five Simply Smart

The French brand 5five or simply known as Five is a household brand with many smart products which support daily life and make it easier. The Five brand has a wide range of products, carefully developed and designed for daily use at home. And all that for a good, solid and durable quality. The colours and solid designs make sure there is always a Five product which fits in your interior.


The Five storage articles are made to simplify the busy household. With the transparent jars, you can immediately see how much pasta or rice you have left. They are also stackable, so you can use the space in your cupboards perfectly. Or use the vacuum bags to keep clothes and duvets as small as possible when you don't use them. Five's proudcts can be used everywhere in the house, from the bedroom to the bathroom.

Bamboo products

Five also has beautiful bamboo products for use in the kitchen. The drawer trays and cutlery trays create much more space in your kitchen drawer. And the coffee-cup holder and the rotating spice rack makes the search for the right product much easier.