Chicco is originally an Italian brand that aims to make life easier for parents. But Chicco's vision is much broader than that, as they strive to make life easier for everyone who cares for a child. 

Chicco is currently present in 120 countries and has been listening to parents' needs for 60 years. They listen to parents who are young, as well as parents who have been around for a while. They listen to young parents and those who have been around for a while, helping to cover and design new products that meet the needs of generations of parents.

Caring is in the DNA of Chicco. Caring for yourself, your children and the people who care about you. Chicco has been on the fur-free list for a number of years. Chicco has been committed to a fur-free policy for many years, and has now signed the Fur Free Declaration of the Fur for Animals and Fur Free Alliance. This makes it clear to everyone that they can purchase fur-free baby clothing from Chicco.