Board game set - Qwixx / The Game Extreme / Twenty One / Machi Koro

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4-Piece Board Game Set

Guaranteed fun for the whole family with these fantastic board games from White Goblin Games! Now available as a 4 piece set. All games are in Dutch.

Qwixx: On Board

In Qwixx you don't have to wait for your turn - someone throws the dice and everyone can use it! The more numbers you mark on your score sheet, the more points you get. Qwixx can be explained in two minutes and is exciting until the last throw! Roll the dice and let the Qwixx fever infect you! With the On Board-expansion you get 2 extra scoreblocks with 80 sheets each (160 in total).

The Game: Extreme

The Game is your opponent. You have to win together, but even though the rules are simple - it is not easy. During the game, four stacks of cards are created in the middle of the table. Two stacks increase in value (1-99) and two stacks decrease in value (100-2). The players play together against the game and try to place as many cards as possible, in the best case all 98, on the four stacks. With the Extreme expansion, the original rules continue to apply, but 28 tasks provide a new additional challenge. The collective struggle against the game thus gains an extra dimension.

Twenty One (21)

Twenty One is again a top dice game from White Goblin Games. Five rows, from top to bottom. Do you play nice and smooth and fill in low numbers? Or do you wait for hits, because these can bring up to 21 bonus points? Twenty One has simple rules and no waiting times, so continuous fun. At the end one thing is clear: you want to play this game again. An "excellent" dice game!

Machi Koro: Metropolis

It's election time in Machi Koro and your mayoralty is at stake. The inhabitants of your town are no longer impressed by the cheese factories and shopping malls. If you want to get re-elected, you'll have to make a big splash. So throw open the gates of your city and allow more variety, nail-biting and players!
The Metropolis expansion adds more variety and strategy, including new buildings, a new starting building and two new landmarks.

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