Adler - Aircooler - 3 in 1 - White

Article number: AA - AD 7915
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A high-quality multifunctional air-conditioning system. Cooling, humidification and even air purification functions make it a great equipment for any office and home space. The user can choose between 3 ventilation speeds. The air conditioner has a built-in 7L water tank, thanks to the included 2 gel containers that can be frozen in the refrigerator to be transferred later to the water tank, the unit can efficiently cool and humidify the air.

For convenience, the remote control is included so that you can operate the climate control from a distance. The unit can also be set for a specific operating time thanks to the built-in timer - up to 12 hours.

Colour: White
Dimensions: 72,3 x 34 x 33,1 cm (incl. packaging)
Diameter: -
Weight: 5,9KG
Cord length:
Number of speeds: 3
Type of fan: No fan, air cooler
Power: 350W
Voltage: 220-240V
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